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Every email platform has its plusses and minuses, for me Outlook has always worked better than other options.

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Never wrote a review before today though. Was having an issue with a Google account that seemed to be an Outlook issue. Outlook frequently solicits feedback and claims to offer support, but I have learned not to expect any support from Microsoft.

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I tried a chat anyway. Amazingly, I got a knowledgeable person right away. Asked intelligent questions, dug into the problem.

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In the end we determined it was a bug which is what I had expectedhe submitted an internal bug report.

I would have been impressed just getting that far.

Acest post te va ajuta să-l obții.

I was really surprised when 2 hours later the bug was fixed! Maybe a coincidence, but an issue that had been happening consistently for weeks stopped happening.

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Julioangel When I was a 6, an Apple Macintosh K was donated to my family. That's my first memory using computers. When I was 10, an iMac G3 was given to my parents when a friend didn't like it.

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When I was accepted to college with a scholarship inI got a MacBook. All this to say, I love and prefer the Apple experience and the simplicity of it.

This new Outlook for Mac really delivers on the enhanced performance and functionality.

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This is easy to use, understand and best of all, it's completely customizable. My features are available to help me perform more efficiently and become more productive overall.

Thank you Outlook for seamlessly integrated yourself into my preferred experience. I now have the power, the look, and most importantly the feel of Outlook alive on my desktop.

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Email and Calendars all are fine. The issue is birthdays and anniversaries do not sync and in fact area always Outlook Mail Dating Site day off. Regardless of if I start the contact birthdate in Outlook or on an IOS device once Outlook syncs the dates change by 1 Outlook Mail Dating Site on the devices.

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I went through Outlook support and after a lot of back and forth and testing I got the following final feedback with no resolution : "So, the above test which you performed proves that the interaction of an OS X client causes this behavior and since this can be seen over OWA as well, I tried researching over this and found out that its a server side bug which is the cause of this issue and when interacting with OS X clients and Outlook for Mac is nowhere playing any role here and instead show you the details or information available in OWA.

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