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If you get to below 3 people then the game automatically closes out.

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I hope that this is addressed in some way, whether it be a refund of our premium currency when a game is dropped, or a premium currency deduction from players who quit games. I realize that this has been a mostly negative plug at your product, but I would like to see it survive through these issues, and to do that they must be addressed.

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Răspunsul dezvoltatoruluiHi there- Recently, we have added BOTS to jump in and take the place of dropped players when the count becomes less than 3 and the game cannot continue. Hopefully, this has bridged the gap in the issue of not being able to complete games. With regard to the other modes being more difficult to play due to not enough players, I like the suggestion of making the other modes more enticing.

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We will discuss this with the Evil team at the next brainstorming session. We appreciate your feedback. Feel free to contact us directly anytime at help evilapples.

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We love hearing from the players. Thank you for the support. May the force be with you Original Synn And unlike most other apps available on the App Store the Microtransactions are barely even noticeable.

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And since you get a free piece of Cake which is what they call their premium currency every 4 hours and if you so choose you can get an additional Cake by watching an ad as many times as you want as well as the 3 pieces you get from each game you win you can get enough Cake to buy additional decks pretty quickly. WantedAutumn55 I would like something to be put into place so that I can either get my in game currency back when this does occur, or somehow ban people next to each other from playing in the same lobby.

I would really like an update doing something about this.

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Thank you for your time and keep on updating the game, I love it for the most part Răspunsul dezvoltatoruluiHi there- We do have a method for reporting these cheaters so we can restrict their account accordingly.

When you come across another player who is cheating or being abusive, you can tap on their avatar photo and you will be promoted with an option to Report.

By selecting this option, you can either send an abuse report that will be followed up by one of our Evil minions OR you can select MUTE to silence annoying players you don't care to interact with. We do not allow hate speech, bullying, nudity, threats or cheating by use of the chats or wildcards.

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Please report any players you feel are violating these guidelines and we will investigate further. Let us know if you have any additional questions by contacting us directly at help evilapples.

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