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This section should include only a brief summary of Romanian protests.

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See Wikipedia:Summary style for information on how to properly incorporate it into this article's main text. April On 3 November, more than 15, people protested in front of Victoria Palace —the headquarters of the Romanian government —blocking traffic in Victory Square.

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Dubbed in the Romanian press the Colectiv Revolution, [] [] the protests were held to demand the resignations of Prime Minister Victor PontaMinister Gabriel Opreaand Cristian Popescu Piedone[] [] the Mayor of Sector 4who was criticized for giving an operating license to the club without a permit from the fire department.

By 10 p. Protests were also held in BrașovPloieștiBuzău and Iași.

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President Klaus Iohannis welcomed the street demonstrations, and cautioned that such events cannot be ignored by the political class. Thousands of demonstrators marched on Dealul Mitropoliei in central Bucharest, where the seat of the Church Col ul bun 88 Intalnirea Femeie located. In Octoberhe lost the Social Democratic Party leadership to Liviu Dragnea amid a tax fraud scandaland became the country's first sitting premier to stand trial for corruption.

For the first time the president invited representatives from street people to a round of consultations to hear their demands. After the Presidential Administration centralized 5, proposals, 20 people, mostly members of NGOs, were chosen to take part in consultations with Klaus Iohannis.

The president told the civil representatives that he will come incognito to talk to people in the streets, indirectly hinting that if they want true change they need to keep asking for it so the politicians can't pretend they don't understand what is asked of them.

On 8 November, in the seventh day of protests, Klaus Iohannis went to University Square, [] where he talked with some protesters and listened to their demands.

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While many expressed gladness at president's presence in the square, others booed, whistled and chanted "Shame on you", "Resignation", "Thieves" and "We don't want you". I am greatly saddened to see so many young lives ending so tragically.

My thoughts are with the grieving Col ul bun 88 Intalnirea Femeie and friends as well as with all those working hard in rescuing and in assisting the victims". He was at the site of the tragedy and expressed compassion for the tragedy victims and their families.

The Moldovan Ministry of Health offered assistance and 2, units of blood.

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Turkish ambassador to Romania, Osman Koray Ertaş, went on 2 November to Club Colectiv, where he announced that a clinic in Turkey expressed readiness to assist victims of the tragedy.

He added that the incident bore "frightening" similarities to The Station nightclub fire in However, the request was only made six days after the fire.

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Some doctors came to Romania to see the patients before the transfer. Visibly affected by the event, he promised to donate money to the victims and write a song about the tragedy.

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They also made a donation for the victims. Investigation[ edit ] An investigation of the fire was started by the Prosecutor's Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice. At the scene, the case prosecutor said that an in rem manslaughter investigation was in progress, and that the primary cause of the disaster was thought to be a fire, not an explosion.

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Hearings in the case began during the night of 30 October, when the organizer of the show was interviewed by the Bucharest Police. A month and a half ago, they took it off in order to wash the sponge on the ceiling. It was full of smoke.

It doesn't wash. I hope they didn't wash it with solvent.

Colectiv nightclub fire

A team of specialists from the National Institute for Research and Development in Mine Safety and Protection to Explosion arrived in Bucharest to investigate the causes of the fire.

The club was coated on the inside with foam that was used for soundproofing. The foam was extremely flammable. In addition, the club did not have fire sprinklers, or a way to shut off the electricity in an emergency.

Many came on their own initiative to file a complaint and be a civil party.